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August 2022 Network Update

Dear network,

I hope you are having a lovely summer! As the network was able to receive another round of funding from the University Climate pot, we have exciting news to share and some general updates!

Network update and this year’s green labs competition

For the second year in a row, the network was able to receive some funding from the Uppsala Univeristy Climate Pot which makes it possible for us to run a second round of the green laboratory call for projects for you! So make sure to send us your ideas on how to green up the UU labs! To know more and to listen to some interesting talks, mark your calendars for this year’s kickoff meeting for the green laboratory project call: Tuesday September 13, at 3pm via Zoom and on-site at Ångström! More details will come soon.

Other climate and sustainability related seminars

Sep 15: CEMUS organises a hybrid seminar with Sofia Oreland on “Future Narratives of opportunities in times of climate crisis” 12.00-13.00 (GMT +2)

Oct 5: Webinar – Carnegie Mellon University, Alexander Hinker on “Employing the SDGs to Enhance University Research and Education Sustainability Objectives” 2-3pm (EDT)

Nov 30: SPLC and My Green Labs Webinar on “Guidance for the sustainable procurement of Laboratory Supplies” 2-3pm (EST)

New resources

The Sustainable European Laboratories Network (SELs) launched in March this year and is working on leading the scientific research towards sustainable practices by connecting and sharing knowledge – they have a resource page that features to videos on lab sustainability and links to some member networks (like LEAN which has a whole lot of great resources).

Climate change updates

Sadly, just like last summer, this summer isn’t looking pretty. Here is a little dose on why it’s so important to act, and why we should all try our best, one step at a time. Science says the extreme drought and heat of this summer is giving us a front row seat of how future summers will be looking.

Despite these gloomy news, I have hope that because of people like you, that care and try to make a difference, however small, and work in their lab or own lives to raise awareness and take action. I can only speak for myself but I am grateful for every single one of you that tries. And if hopelessness ever grasps your heart, know that you are not alone.

Europe’s devestating and climate-driven drought

A major sea-level rise is inevitable as Greenland ice caps melt

More record-breaking heat waves for South Asia due to climate change

Crucial System of Ocean currents is faltering

That was it for this summer’s update but be on the lookout for future email from us for more details on the kick-off seminar.

All the best,

Sina Wrede

Towards Greener Research, Together coordinator
PhD student at Department of Chemistry – Ångströmlaboratoriet
Uppsala University, Sweden


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