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Sustainable laboratory competition finale

The sustainable laboratory competition at Uppsala University came to a close during the big finale on May 25th. Not only did we have five exciting talks from representatives of the projects, but were able to crown the winners in the end: 3rd place: Minimizing energy, gas and water consumption in the Molecular Biomimetics Program (DepartmentContinue reading “Sustainable laboratory competition finale”

Happy new year and Green lab initiative grant winners

Happy new year everyone! We hope you all had a good start into 2023 and that the year will be a good one for all of us. We wanted to take the time and thank all of you – because of your efforts and showing that you care, it feels a little less daunting toContinue reading “Happy new year and Green lab initiative grant winners”

Green laboratory competition!

Today we provide the details for our green laboratory competition! All are welcome to submit proposals; and those working at Uppsala University are also eligible to apply for funds to implement their proposals (up to 15’000 SEK). See below for the full details! Competition Goal: Promote the formation of a network of labs dedicated toContinue reading “Green laboratory competition!”

August 2022 Network Update

Dear network, I hope you are having a lovely summer! As the network was able to receive another round of funding from the University Climate pot, we have exciting news to share and some general updates! Network update and this year’s green labs competition For the second year in a row, the network was ableContinue reading “August 2022 Network Update”

It’s now official: Environmental impact of single-use plastic items is typically greater than re-using glass items.

To anyone working in a laboratory, it should come to no surprise that the research we do is resource intensive – not only in terms of financial costs but also in its carbon footprint. Reserach labs require large amounds of energy to run equipment and typically consume large volumes of materials, particularly single-use items. Re-usingContinue reading “It’s now official: Environmental impact of single-use plastic items is typically greater than re-using glass items.”