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Fortunately, we are not the first organization to try making our work greener. Here are collected some of our favorite resources. Use them for inspiration!

The University of Edinburgh has a very comprehensive collection of information, seminars, posters, and stickers (free to use!) detailing their efforts to green their science.
The Laboratory Efficiency Assessment Framework provides laboratories with a clear, step-by-step process for making their research more sustainable. Based in the UK, but open to all.
A UK-based network of researchers & STEM educators
Labos 1point5 is an international, cross-disciplinary collective of academic researchers who share a common goal: to better understand and reduce the environmental impact of research, especially on the Earth’s climate.”
Community and resources platform for sustainable science in The Netherlands
@greenlabs_NL /
Green Labs Austria has done some particularly nice work thinking about all that ‘single use’ plastic research labs utilized.

Are we missing one of your favorites? Let us know!

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