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February Network Update

Dear network,
it has been a few months since out last network meeting but that doesn’t mean things have been idle! In addition to the great presentations at the Winter meeting, we have received project summaries from our grant awardees that we highly recommend you check out on our website. Where you can also find our self-commitments initiative from one of our grant awardees.

In addition, one of our two external speakers from the winter meeting, Kerstin Hermuth-Kleinschmidt from NUIB has graciously offered a short guide on the ECOMAPPINGTM method that we are sure can be helpful for many of that will be posted on the website next week! Together with the presentation from Nikoline Borgermann* from AvaSustain that we had in the winter meeting, we hope many of you have new ideas on how to make further progress on sustainability in the labs and encourage you to reach out and connect.

With the recent Uppsala University Climate Pot grant call, the network is hoping to get funding for another round of supporting sustainable initiatives in the lab and will let you know once we know more! So be sure to stay tuned and connected and know that there are many out there who care about sustainability just as much as you do. And for those who might feel disheartened, lab sustainability is getting more visibility – the journal Nature even posted a webcast on how to lower the environmental impact of your research last year.

And for those of you from Uppsala University, if you have any ideas of your own for a proposal to the Climate Pot grant call, make sure to make an application before February 28th!

Last, an upcoming seminar of interest

February 24th at 4pm CET virtually on Zoom: Successful research, less flying from the Max Planck sustainability network

Mygreenlab also held their Europe 2022 Summit on Zero Carbon Leadership in Life Science that you can register to watch event recordings.

*For those of you wanting to reach out:

Nikoline Borgermann from AvaSustain is a biochemist by training and an environmentalist by heart!
Nikoline studied biochemistry in Denmark and Germany, and she did a Ph.D. at the Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Protein Research in Copenhagen where she studied genomic stability. After a short postdoc, Nikoline left academia to work as an independent, value-driven green lab consultant @Ava Sustain ( She now helps public research institutions and private companies reduce the environmental impact and carbon footprint of their laboratories. In addition to giving workshops at academic institutions inside and outside of Denmark and working with companies such as Gubra, Novo Nordisk, and Agilent Technologies, Nikoline is currently employed a few days a week at the University of Copenhagen as a green labs project manager.

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